Welcome to Brightwaters, New York

Board of Trustees meetings are held on the first Monday of the month, In the event of a Holiday on the first Monday, the meeting will be held the next day - Tuesday. The Board also meets in the middle of the month as needed with dates to be determined. Please check the calendar for mid-month meeting dates.

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Mayor John J. Valdini













Village Office Hours Monday - Friday 9am-4pm

 June 19, 2018 Election Results
John Valdini 336
Joseph McDermott 315
Carmine Chiappetta 554
Michael Dopsovic 552
David F. Kluepfel 511
Write In Votes
Denise Gibson 76 (mayor)
Tony McNulty 1 (mayor)
Mary Regina Lambert 1 (mayor)
Laurie Elliott 2 (trustee)
Diane Urso 1 (trustee)
Robert Hulse 1 (trustee)
Ellen Gravina 1 (trustee)
Gail Farrell 1 (trustee)
Linda Maerki 1 (trustee)
Craig Maerki 1 (trustee)
H. Mitchell Schuman 2 (justice)
Jason Fenly 1 (justice)
Sal Puccio 1 (justice)