Welcome to Brightwaters, New York

As the Mayor of the Village of Brightwaters, I welcome you to our website! Here you will find information about the events in the Village as well as schedules for meetings, contact information, applications, files, and an email form to contact the Village.

Board of Trustees meetings are held on the first Monday of the month, In the event of a holiday on the first Monday, the meeting will be held the next day - Tuesday. The Board also meets in the middle of the month as needed with dates to be determined. Please check the calendar for mid-month meeting dates.

I encourage you to sign up for our email contact list so that we can update you through electronic means as well as with our newsletters!

                                            Mayor Joseph McDermott

Road Paving Update
as of Friday, 2:15pm


 Paving on Concourse East, Windsor Place, Lagoon Ct. & Marine Ct. have all be completed. 
Paving started today on South Bay Avenue from the south end moving north and paving the the cross streets as time permits.  
Monday Schedule:
South Bay and the cross streets will be completed.


Tuesday Schedule:
Lombardy and Brooklyn will be paved.  The remaining unpaved portion of Penatquit and Iroquois will be completed.


Wednesday Schedule:
Lakeview Avenue West and Lagoon Drive will be paved.
Please follow the directions of the crews for entry/exit & road access!

      We appreciate your continued patience.


SAFETY ALERT: The Pokeman Go craze has hit the Village. Please be aware of people walking and riding their bikes while looking at their cell phones. They may not be paying attention to what is going on around them!


Office Hours Monday - Friday 9:00AM to 4:00 PM