Village Justice Court



     Court session is 2nd Wednesday of every month @ 6:30 p.m.

See below for actual dates.

January 09 
February 13 
March 13 
April 10
May 08
June 12

July 10
August 14
September 11
October 09  
November 13
December 11

The Brightwaters Village Justice Court meets once a month on the second Wednesday in the Village courtroom located at 40 Seneca Drive, Brightwaters. 

Defendants who have received violations are able to come to court to plea their case before the Village Justice. Payments for Village fines are accepted during court.  RETURN YOUR PINK VIOLATION OR APPEARANCE TICKET TO ADDRESS on envelope or to Village Hall, 40 Seneca Drive, Brightwaters, NY  11718.

The Village Prosecutor will be available at court to discuss each case. 

Payments for violations should  be mailed to Village Hall or dropped off during business hours. Payments can be made by credit card, but a service fee will be charged to the card holder. The service fees are as follows:

                    Fines up to and including $50.00   Service Fee: $ 3.00

                    Fines of $50.01 to $75.00              Service Fee: $ 3.25

                    Fines of $75.01 to $100.00            Service Fee: $ 4.50

                    Fines of $100.01 to $150.00          Service Fee: $ 6.5

                    Fines of $150.01 to $200.00          Service Fee: $ 8.50

                    +$2.00 for each additional increment of $50 or portion thereof

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
David F Kluepfel Village Justice 631-665-1281